About the independence movement

Tartan ArmyWhat is Yes Scotland?

It is the cross-party alliance of political parties, community organisations, and individuals supporting a “Yes” vote in the 2014 independence referendum.

Is the SNP the same as Yes Scotland?

The Scottish National Party is the leading political party driving for independence but it’s not the only party in the coalition. It holds a majority in the Scottish Parliament, with 69 of 129 seats, but the Scottish Green Party, with two seats, also supports independence, as does the independent MSP Margo McDonald. Some other parties without parliamentary representation are also in the alliance.

Who else backs independence?

Leading public figures such as the actors Sir Sean Connery, Brian Cox, Alan Cumming, and Elaine C Smith; the writers Iain Banks, Irvine Welsh, Kevin Williamson, and Liz Lochhead; musicians the Proclaimers, Midge Ure, and Pat Kane; and film director Ken Loach.


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